Top 5 Reasons To Choose Our Marble Services In Melbourne

If you are looking for a durable and aesthetically appealing flooring option, then Marble floors are one great option to consider. These flooring types look extremely beautiful and add great value to any property. 

However, with time there is a high chance of marble getting damaged. Although there are several DIY options that can be considered, those can not provide perfection like a professional marble cleaning in Melbourne

Shiny Stones is a leading service provider company that offers services like marble repairs, marble installation and marble sealing in Melbourne. We have years of experience in providing marble services all over Melbourne. 

In this blog, we are going to discuss our marble services and why anyone should consider us in Melbourne. So, without wasting further time, let’s dig into the details.

Our Leading Services 

Shiny Stones is an experienced marble restoration company with a team that is specialised in providing restoration and replacement services. We offer a range of facilities all over Melbourne at very economical prices. Here are our leading marble services:

  • Marble Cleaning 

Marble floors are highly prone to dust and get dirty very easily if not maintained regularly. Are you someone who has no time to clean their marble floors regularly? Consider our marble cleaning in Melbourne services and get your floors cleaned thoroughly. 

  • Marble Polishing 

Marble stones are all about shiny surfaces that look mesmerising as home flooring. However, with time it is very common that their shine starts to fade. Hire us to get your marble surfaces polished in Melbourne so that they can get their original shine back. 

  • Marble Repair 

Marble repairing is another highly demanded service. Although marble is an extremely durable stone, it still gets cracks and other damages with time. We, as a leading service provider, offer economical marble repair facilities. 

  • Marble Sealing 

With time, marble floors easily get their sealing off, which can cause great damage if not treated properly. Shiny Stones offers affordable marble sealing in Melbourne ensuring your marble floors last longer.

Five Reasons To Consider Our Marble Services 

Due to heavy foot traffic, marble surfaces continuously lose their shine with scratches, stains and cracks. Treating them from professional and experienced restoration companies is a great way to add value to them.

In this section, we are going to discuss the top five reasons why you should avail yourself of our marble restoration and replacement services.  

  • Enhances Your Floor’s Aesthetics 

One significant reason to consider Shiny Stones is that we can professionally treat your flooring and enhance their aesthetic looks. While restoring them at home, there are high chances that you damage them more. However, by hiring us, you can get your marble flooring cleaned professionally. 

  • Professionally Remove Stains 

Our experienced team specialises in maintaining marble flooring. Our marble polishing services ensure that your marble surfaces look new and shiny even after years. We use a chemical-proof polish that not only brings back the marble’s original shine but also keeps the environment clean. 

  • Improves Floor’s Life Span 

One great reason to consider Shiny Stones is that we use the latest and most high-quality equipment. Our main aim is to treat your marble floors and protect them from further damage. Our restoration and replacement services improve the life span of your marble flooring. 

  • Extremely Convenient

If you are someone who has no time to look after their marble floors, then choose us. We deliver various services, including repairing, installation, cleaning, polishing, etc. In short, you can conveniently get several marble services on one floor. 

  • Highly Cost-Efficient

Lastly, by hiring professionals like Shiny Stones, you can save a lot of your time as well as money. By restoring the cracked or damaged floors, your marble flooring will last longer and don’t have to be treated frequently. Our restoration services ensure that your floors look perfect after several years. 


Marble tiles are one of the most preferred and beautiful-looking flooring options but unfortunately, it starts to get cracked, which can be extremely annoying. Hiring some skilful marble service providers such as Shiny Stones is the best way to improve their life span.