Tips to Keep Maintenance of Marble Tiles

History shows that marble is being used from many centuries and was considered decorative for the constructions and buildings. Marble is basically modified state of limestone which is converted into the marble by applying high level of pressure for a considerable period of time. By doing this the finest quality of marble is obtained with surprisingly qualities which are absent from other stones. Definitely its beauty needs attention for the maintenance and after many years of usage different tips and guidelines have been developed to maintain the marble in its original condition.

Very common thing which is done by the most of the people is usage of wax on the surface of the marble tiles floor. It serves by providing extra shine to the tiles as well as it keeps the marble safe from sticking the stains on it and keeps away dust and other solid dirt particles. If there is no coating of wax dirt and dust will cause serious damage to the marble and with passage of time different small scratches will get shape of large size scratches and together all these elements will destroy the original shine of the floor and whole surface will become dull in looking.

Marble Restoration 3

Daily cleaning and sweeping of the floor keep the dust and dirt away from the floor and similarly cleaning with lukewarm water with soft nature cloth is also helpful. Any other mild nature cleaner free from acid is also useful for cleaning. After cleaning the marble tiles they should be rinsed and dried to prevent the water from being absorbed by the tiles due to porous nature of stone. Dust and moisture in the environment are inevitable but scratches on the marble tiles can be avoided if placement of furniture articles is made not by dragging but lifting them and then placing.

Dragging furniture and other articles rub the surface and leave the marks on it, which become scratches if not properly attended. Deep scratches surface the wear and tear process of marble tiles due to normal usage and vanish the attractiveness of the floor.