Simple Steps to Restore Granite Floor Tiles

When you are thinking to give grand look in house, you have to install granite floor tiles as they enhance the appearance and also it is more functional. The exclusive features of that material make them more proper for all kinds of floors. When you see any damage on floor you have to re-install them as quickly as possible because leaving them as it is give a dull look. You can easily do this without calling the professionals as it is very handy to do so.

You can begin the procedure with the removal of old tiles which is already installed on the floor. Now you have to start work with the grout surrounding the tiles to discard the scrap tiles. You can use hammer to tear break the grout. When grout becomes loose you can easily discard them. When installing a single tile. Discard it without any damage to surrounding materials. For entire installation you have to destroy the whole grout and take the tiles out. It can easily done with placing the end of chisel under the tile and just put a little press. Once you have done with pressing then loosens up materials and you can easily take them from the floor.


When you have removed them you have to remove the thin set mortar on the surface and at the back of every tile which discard. Clean the area to remove any leftover and left them to dry. After that you have to follow the same restoration procedure which was told in the start. Apply the thin set mortar to floor and on the back side of new tile. After the application, put the granite floor tiles on mortar by giving some press on it and left them for a few hours to dry before grout. This method gives very tight bonding between all tiles.

You can use contrast color grout to give a new look of room. Blend them well with water just to get an accurate mixture. When you add lots of water or cement that will not fit well to apply. You should use grout float to apply the grout equal to surface. Apply grout between the granite tiles for durable binding. Leave it for 15 minutes for tiles to set. Clean the tiles to remove excessive grout on surface. You have to wait for 2-3 days to use the floor after restoring it. You can get a new outlook of the floor. You have to maintain this floor more properly to reduce the chances of further restoration.

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