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Post Installation Marble Restoration

Flooring tastes have been changed due to new developing and advanced construction methods. Use of marble is extremely popular among the people due to flexibility and beautiful look. Marble is preferred due to its durability, availability of colors blend and effortless upkeep. Marble is also porous stone but as compared to other stones it is considered essentially non-porous. After installing marble on the floor with the help of grout, it is made sure that dust will not destroy it shine. To maintain its beauty and shine sealer is applied after installation and it works as preventive shield against moisture and dust. To some extent pores are also covered with the sealer to make the surface smooth. After installation of the marble all haze is removed by rinsing the floor with water to remove the grout haze. In this step heat washing is also performed for marble cleaning for elimination of all dust and grout haze. Some experts also use vacuum cleaner for cleaning the floor with some stress. After full cleaning of the floor waxing is another option to save and maintain the fresh look of marble. Re-coloring alternatives are also available which can be used after some period of time when you think that your marble floor has got spots on it and many tiles have been discolored.

Following precautionary tips marble floor can be maintained easily and it tear and wear will not be rapid as it occurs in negligence. Food items like juices, ketchup and vinegar are very harmful for marble because they all have some quantity of acid and no one can deny that acid is powerful agent to discolor and to make surface rough. If this happens then immediately floor must be cleaned and water must be used to dilute the strength of the acid. Furniture must be moved after lifting because if such heavy articles will be dragged on it then it is obvious that scratch will appear on the surface of the floor. Those parts of floor which have to face extra human activity must be cleaned on daily basis and dust must be removed regularly. Such tiny particles of dust and sand also become the reason of scratches when they create dragging force by walking on the floor.

If floor has started to crack then it is the time to apply full oration plan. After marking all scratches and cracks you must take step to remove them. Neglecting minor scratches will cause major destruction that is why their sudden restoration is needed. To fill the cracks epoxy glue can be used and if crack is larger in size then tiles must be repaired. After grinding the surface of marble where scratches are not deep you will get again scratch free surface and you can also use concealing agents to conceal the scratches. Powder form of concealing agent is used in scratches with the help of epoxy glue and for smoothness soft cloth is used for rubbing the scratch.