Marble Stone Restoration and Cleaning Procedures

When marble install for the first time, it will look polished and shiny and different patterns in the marble will give it the elegance and exceptional look that only a natural stone has.  There is some cost to pay for the elegance and unique look of this natural stone. Marble should be maintained regularly and properly cleaned to keep it looking new and shiny. Also as marble is a delicate natural stone the shiny polished look should be restored periodically by polishing it.

Marble Stone Restoration

Cleaning, protecting and maintaining the polished look of this natural stone is very significant. Marble should protect from all sorts of abrasive cleaning products, acidic and soaps. Several people do not know how simple it is to etch marble stone with only normal shampoo, acidic food products or shaving creams. Everyday cooking products such as vinegar, wine, and lemon juice can stain and sternly etch the polished finish. When marble is stained or etched, it is impossible to remove these stains and etch marks with normal cleaning products and processes. Only mild stone cleaners should use on the surfaces of marble, and all contaminants and spills should be instantly wiped away to prevent them from etching the polished surface.

Sealing marble is very important especially for showers, countertops, and floors. Marble is not as solid as granite so stains and spills can absorb by this stone. Sealing marble tiles will protect it from absorbing contaminants and stains. Also by sealing it, you will protect the floor finishing from becoming etched with harsh acidic products. Sealing is not a complete solution for preventing etches marks and it certainly will not prevent the marble stone from scratches and dulling effects of foot traffic on tiles. Sealing still is a tremendous way to protect the natural stones beauty from becoming etched and absorbing contaminants and stains.

Even with the stringent care and maintenance strategies, the marble will still lose its glossy and shiny appearance over time. Micro-abrasions and scratches in the finish will ultimately cause it to lose the glossy, shiny and reflective appearance it had when it was install for the first time.

Polishing marble stone is part of the periodic maintenance plan needs for this natural stone. A professional marble stone restoration procedure will take out the small abrasive marks and scratches and that are hindering the shiny, bright and polished appearance. It will be essential to use coarse stones polishing pads first to take out all of the deep scratches. Then by using ever more fine grit diamond polishing pads, a glossy reflective appearance will start to be formed. In conclusion, a polishing paste or polishing powder can be used to bring up the gloss to what the marble had when it was install for the first time. Polishing marble is a specialized skill that takes great care to get the glossy polished look that the marble had when it was install for the first time.

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