Marble Restoration Tips

Marble flooring is a name of elegance and style for those people who want to décor their homes beautifully.  But people who have marble flooring know very well that that it is very difficult to maintain marble floor. And if marble begins to crack with pressure or other reason, it would really ruin the beauty of marble floor and your style as well. Cracked and discolored marble looks worse on floor.

You have to do good care to maintain the elegance of marble floor. It is a constant procedure to do so but sometimes you have to do extra care such as complete or partial marble restoration.

It is quite a fact that marble is strong material to use for flooring among other flooring materials but it has risk with extra pressure and continuous friction. As far as marble has concerned it is porous item and it can easily get unwanted elements and stains quicker than other tiles and stones, and loose its color quickly.

As experience shows that one of the most common aspects for the damage of marble is insufficient care during installation of marble on sub floor.

It is compulsory to clean the sub floor properly and also make sure that installation area is even from all places. It is very important to check the even surface of the installation area if the floor is not even and not properly clean then marble will not grip on the floor tightly. Besides that there may be some vacuum under surface which can cause marble cracks quicker then common pressure. So it is very important to give proper attention on this step otherwise you will reinstall it again.

Cheap quality grouts are another big reason of cracked marble. If you do not use good quality grout just to save some money then your marble floor lose its strength and get damaged. In such type of situation what you do, you usually go and buy some new piece of marble which do not match with original marble.

When such type of problem occurs, you have to fix them by yourself or you should call a professional agency to do so. If you are willing to do it by yourself then you have to gather important materials such as marbles, tar paper, good grout and chisel.

Start with the removal of damaged marble pieces. You also need to remove the surrounding marbles to replace the marble accurately. Try not to damage the surrounding marble when you are taking out them. Clean the sub floor well and make sure there is not dirt and grout left and surface is even.

Next step is the fixation of tar paper properly and evenly on floor which makes the surface smooth just to replace the marble easily. Spread grout on it and fix the marble on it. There must be no air bubble or space left between the surfaces because it can cause crack quickly. Clean the grout and marble tile to accomplish the restoration task.

It is a simple process but you cannot do so without any experience and can take professional help for that.