Marble Restoration for Distorted Marble floor

Interior designers say glossy marble installed on floor makes the room to look spacious while marble with matt finish installed on floors makes room to look smaller in size. But it is not only the criterion to decide which marble is suitable for your house. Before making any decision regarding buying of marble for your floors, consider different facts including marble restoration. There is no question on the durability of marble but it is also true fact that marble is softer than granite. Being soft and porous in nature it is obvious that it can get stains easily due to juices, vinegar and other acidic liquids. If marble is not sealed properly then simple water also becomes the source of stains on the marble floor. With the passage of time same condition let the marble floor to distort and anybody can realize that how much terrible it looks. Selection of marble stone must be made by considering its usage not only due to its beauty because it will make difficult to maintain it.

Marble tiles used on floor slightly differ from each other and that is why same tile quality may not be suitable for kitchen tops and washrooms. Similarly color and texture for rooms and entrance must be different. Doorways always face heavy traffic and where human activity is greater there must be usage of dark color of marble because light color marble is not suitable due to inability to maintain its beauty. Right selection of marble is not the last thing on the user end. After installation real care time starts which is continuous process which will remain till the life of marble installed on the floors. According to the experts and wise users proper treatment is necessary to remove bad stains from the surface of marble and for this purpose always services of some professional marble restoration company must be acquired.

For routine marble cleaning wet cloth can be used on marble surface or water can be applied for rinsing off the floor. It must be watched that cloth is soft. In market there are different kinds of solutions available for marble cleaning. While buying such solution for your floor, do not rely on the statement of manufacturer, so just find some cleaning solution with neutral pH. Strong cleaning agents possess acids which are harmful for marble and they badly affect the longevity, beauty and color of the marble. To clean marble with normal soap is also not recommended but to protect the marble floor from distorting marble restoration is important. Mild nature soap with neutral pH can be used for cleaning the floor.

People who are not aware from the fact mostly use kitchen detergents like dishwashers for cleaning of marble and after sometime they see marble has been discolored and started cracking. Keeping clean with wrong solution they make their floor ugly so in order to avoid such mishaps, consult with some professional marble restoration company to seek advice for normal day to day cleaning method of marble.

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