Limestone is a popular choice for flooring as it is a natural stone and can be used outdoors or indoors. Limestone has a natural, neutral appearance and often has the added appeal of fossils and other inclusions as part of the stone.

As well as flooring, limestone can also be used for kitchen counter tops, as it is heat resistant, although it can be susceptible to spills and acid damage. As it is highly porous, it is extremely important that limestone surfaces be sealed with an appropriate sealant as even small amounts of liquid can cause long-term damage. At Limestone Restoration Melbourne,we can help you take care of your limestone so you can enjoy it for many years.

Although your limestone will never achieve the highly reflective appearance of marble or granite, it can still be polished on a regular basis to help keep it protected and looking its best. When limestone is highly polished, it is less porous than unpolished limestone, and is therefore less susceptible to water damage. We can take care of polishing and sealing your limestone to ensure the highest possible level of protection against damage.

In the event that your limestone has already suffered damage from liquid or from wear and tear, we can provide a full repair service to help get it looking great again. Whether you are looking for advice as to the best stone for your home or commercial space, or you want repair, restoration or polishing services, Limestone Repairs Melbourne can help.