Granite is commonly used for kitchen bench tops and flooring as it is relatively hardwearing and easy to keep clean. Although granite is known for being strong and durable, it still needs to be regularly cared for and maintained to help keep its appearance and make sure it stays in optimum condition. At granite restoration Melbourne, we can help you install and get the best out of your granite surface for many years into the future.

Granite can be particularly susceptible to damage from staining and from harsh or abrasive cleaners. It is also highly porous, and without the right protection can be vulnerable to damage from spills, particularly if they are not immediately cleaned up.

We can professionally seal your granite surfaces after installation, and give you advice on the best way to care for your stone so it doesn’t end up looking dull, and can carry on working effectively and enhancing the appearance of your home or commercial property for many years to come.

If your granite surfaces have already been damaged by general wear and tear, staining or scratching, we can help you restore the stone to its former glory, and protect it for the future. Our polishing and grinding process can remove any signs of damage, and improve the clarity and reflectivity of your granite bench top or floor, and the right sealant can help reduce the risk of future damage.