General Stone Restoration and Maintenance for All Kinds of Stones

Elegance of stone, its durability and ageless beauty are the associated facts of the stone which cannot be denied by anyone and that is why use of marble and other kinds of stones has been increased from many years. In any kind of building floor is that part which has to face human activity and it is used by everyone in the building. Walls and other interiors of the building have their own importance but usage of floor is more than extra. Like extra usage, there is need to pay extra attention on its maintenance. Many architects are recommending to install granite in the buildings but when it comes to the beauty aspect they also use limestone and marble in different areas of the building. Increased usage of stone in buildings requires extraordinary care of the marble but problem is that when you ask different professional stone restorers for the maintenance, you get different answers. You feel frustration to select the right answer but here you will find acceptable facts and maintenance plans. Little information about stone restoration may destroy your marble floor so it is necessary to know some important information about the stone restoration.


To maintain your floor it is necessary to know about the type of stone installed in your house because each type of stone requires different technique and methodology. Stone is always divided in three categories namely igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary. Igneous is available in shape of rocks and it is produced by fire, When it gets the shape of molten liquid then it is cooled to make it harder for different kind of uses. Granite is also from this type of stone. Metamorphic stone is produced by mixing clays, some carbonates and some minerals. This mixture is heated and then pressure is applied to fuse all the elements to get beautiful stone. Marble is obtained by this technique that is why it falls under this category. Sedimentary stone is obtained from the bottoms of the rivers and limestone is one of these kinds of stone. Sandstone is also categorized in this category and common use of this tone is also at large scale.

Before making the arrangements for stone restoration and maintenance you must know about the type of the stone but here some general maintenance techniques are in practice, which are equally applicable. Marble and limestone can be cleaned and maintained by following the same steps. Surface of both stones is porous and liquids penetrate in them and that is why dust and stains stick firmly in these pores. Best way to lock the floor is application of sealer after proper cleaning of the surface of marble or limestone floor. Calcium carbonate is important element of these stones and cleaning products mostly contain acids. Calcium carbonate cannot survive in presence of acid because it gets easily dissolved in acid so mild nature products free from acid must be used for cleaning of such floors.

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