Five Guidelines To Maintain Marble

Everyone like beauty and try to make things beautiful around him, to add more beauty in your home marble is more common but beautiful stone to use in a wide range of usage. Marble is a versatile stone which is use in kitchen countertops and bathroom floors and other purposes all around the house.

Marble is a strong and durable natural stone but with the passage of time marble can damage if not maintain in proper manner. There are some misconception  regarding marble cleaning that marble can clean as a same manner just like other stones such as granite, but marble is comparatively a soft stone and face more stain and chemical scratching.

So it is very crucial to care marble with appropriate products and correct approach.

Here are five guidelines which will help you to maintain your marble life.

1: Make a Regular Cleaning Timetable:  If you want to avoid scratches and tarnishing of marble you have to make sure that the surface of marble clean on regular basis and free of trash. It is usually a rubbing of dust, sand and dirt which creates scratches and tarnishes, along with that marble is very sensitive to water spots so it is very important to wipe out a marble surface if it gets wet.

There are lots of marble cleaning products in market but it is best to wipe down the marble surface with soft cloth which is dipped in warm water. You don’t need to use vinegar or other acidic solutions to clean marble surface as it results chemical scratching

2: You Have to Take Care About Spills While They Stain: Acids substance such as juices, soft drinks can destroy marble surface if it’s not clean on time. It takes few minutes for acid to start stabbing marble. So it is good to handle spills quickly as possible. You have to avoid rubbing while dealing spills, but quickly absorb and blot such liquids with soft cloth. If greasy liquid is spill on the surface then you need to sprinkle powder and warm water.

3: Avoid Placing Heavy Items on Marble Surface: Marble is far more fragile then it appears. The metal pans or heavy items even pants and jeans can easily rough the marble surface. You need to invest in hot pads, quality coasters to make sure that heavy items never make contact with marble surface. You have to be extra careful when you have children because children want to sit and play on marble surface.

4: Polish Marble on Constant Basis: You have to polish marble to make it maintain in its proper shape and beauty. There are lots of marble polishers’ available which are particularly design for marble. Marble polish gives protective layer that helps to avoid stains, spot and chemical etching.

5: Restore Your Marble: After lots of years, your marble may advantage from restoring. There are also professional services which gives marble restoration. You can do yourself with marble