Decide Wisely In Between Honed or Polished Marble Floor Finishing

Marble flooring has become a dire need of modern construction and building architects. However, the use of marble is not new. Marble flooring adds beauty and convenience. The marble flooring comes with two types of finishing. The first one is polished finishing, which makes your marble floor highly reflective due to luster and extra smoothness. The other is honed finishing. It is a little opposite of the polish finishing. Mostly people tend to get polished finishing for their marble floor because of its dazzling appearance. It makes them feel good to walk on the reflective floor. The little drawback that is attached to polished finishing is that it is more prone to scratches, roughness, marks and damages. It instantly shows up whatever lies on its surface even a slight scratch or a splash. The maintenance of polished finishing is bit higher than the honed finishing.

On the other hand, the honed finishing does not question your care so much. Well, it is not the point that you do not have to take care of it completely but the meaning is that you need to take care of this type of finishing at lower level. The reason of taking it casually is very simple; it is not that sensitive like the polished finishing. The honed finishing makes the marble floor smooth but it does not bring the obvious shine to it. Hence, the honed finished marble floor will not show up any reflecting look. Here one thing is to remember that honed finishing is best for the doorways or driveways as they are less prone to the external effects. The honed finishing is not only best for such floors but it is widely used for kitchen countertops as well.

The honed finished is being in use for frequent and possibly rough usage because it has the ability to retain the damaging effects of weather etc. without ruining its surface. The surface does not have any luster so its flat and satin look remains the same. The spillovers also do not cause any big deals because they show up less and the chance to leave the stain is less on this kind of finishing. Honed finishing requires less maintenance and care. Therefore, you do not have to bear any pain to keep up the health of this type of finishing. Another good trait of honed finishing is that it is less slippery as compared to polished finishing. You can use it with great freedom. Any possible friction can’t cause damn obvious scratches on honed finished marble floor.

Well, above are the contrasting points of honed and polished finishing of the marble floor. Now it would be so much easy to decide in between of both types of finishing. Before you pick up with one type of finishing, do match its characteristics to the type of floor. if it is somewhere for the frequent use then you shall keep it up with honed finishing otherwise the polished finishing can be selected for a ritzy look.

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