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Marble Repair, Polishing And Care

Marble is a unique stone used in different forms where the most use of this stone is seen at homes in the shape of floors. Yes, marble stone is very precious used in floor making to make the dashing look of your home floors. Now the marble is seen as the most common stone used […]

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Marble Tiles: How To Keep Your Marble Floor Lush?

The best option for flooring at home is marble tiles. These look highly elegant and the most appealing. People love installing them for being charming and elastic. They have experienced it to be the ever best material to use for domestic purposes. These are available in so many colours, textures, designs and sizes. The wider […]

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Marble Floor Cleaning Guide

The general perception about the marble floor cleaning is that it does not need much care. Well, I totally disagree with this notion. It is not granted that if you have a marble floor than you are not required giving a handsome consideration on its cleansing, maintenance and repairing. It actually needs a regular dose […]

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Five Guidelines To Maintain Marble

Everyone like beauty and try to make things beautiful around him, to add more beauty in your home marble is more common but beautiful stone to use in a wide range of usage. Marble is a versatile stone which is use in kitchen countertops and bathroom floors and other purposes all around the house. Marble […]

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