Basalt Restoration, Repairs & Cleaning Melbourne

Basalt is an igneous rock formed from the rapid cooling of basaltic lava. After cooling, a dark grey to black-coloured surface is formed that has come in various designs and textures.

Basalt surfaces are a wonderful option for indoor as well as outdoor floorings. There are numerous beautiful designs available in basalt floorings. Whether you want to choose for your kitchen or your outdoors, you can get a variety of options. 

Although basalt floorings look ravishing, they do require a lot of maintenance and cleaning. Without proper maintenance, there is a high chance of basalt floorings getting damaged or dull over time. 

To make your basalt floors look brand new, it is significant to repair, clean and polish them. Repairing ensures that the surfaces are free from cracks and other types of damage. However, to keep your basalt floorings away from damage, it is mandatory to regularly clean them using the latest cleaning agents.

Shiny Stones offers various kinds of services related to Basalt floorings. Our professional services include restoration, cleaning, repair and polishing. If you are someone who lives in Melbourne or nearby areas, then don’t miss the chance of availing our services.

We have years of experience in restoring, cleaning, polishing and repairing basalt surfaces. Whether you have installed these floors indoors or outdoors, our advanced cleaning agents smoothly remove dirt and stains while keeping the original colour of the floors. 

Our basalt restoration team is also experienced in polishing services. We use the most suitable polishing products depending on the design and texture of our customer’s basalt surfaces. 

Here is the list of our efficient basalt services:

Basalt Repair 

No matter how much you try to keep your floors away from damage, over time they will end up getting cracks. The only way to undo those cracks is to hire a professional basalt repair team. 

Shiny Stones offers skilful repair services for people living in Melbourne and its surrounding. Our well-professionalised team uses the latest tools and techniques to provide brand-new surfaces. 

Basalt Cleaning

If you are someone who has no time for regularly cleaning their basalt floors, it is vital to hire an experienced team. Our well-organised team is aware of all the new methods of cleaning basalt floors. 

We make sure that we don't use any harmful products for cleaning purposes. We only prefer using chemical-free products to maintain the original colour of the floors. 

Basalt Restoration 

No matter how bad the condition of your basalt floors, they can still be restored. Avail of our basalt restoration services and get your floors back to their original colour and design. 

We have engaged with the most experienced team that delivers the best results to our customers. So, don’t stress about your basalt floors and appoint us to restore your floors.  

Basalt Polishing

Shiny basalt surfaces help in enhancing the overall look of your house. But to maintain the shine it is important to get them polished at least once a month. 

Shiny Stones has come up with the most powerful polishing products that support well-polished and shiny surfaces. Visit us now and get your basalt surfaces polished at a reasonable price. 

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